Psoriasis One to One

People with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis often say they feel lonely, isolated and anxious. Life doesn't have to stay that way! Our Psoriasis One to One peer support program connects you with people who have psoriatic disease or support a loved one with the disease. They’ve been through what you are going through and they are thriving.
Psoriasis One to One can help you get what you need to overcome your struggles with the disease:

  • Disease and treatment information (not medical advice)
  • Resources, such as locating a health care provider experienced in treating psoriatic disease in your area
  • Opportunities to connect with others in the psoriatic disease community
  • Goals for a healthier lifestyle
  • Emotional support

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What participants say

When I was first diagnosed, I was disheartened. My Psoriasis One to One volunteer made the diagnosis a little more bearable. I really feel like this program helped me get through the frustration of the initial shock of the diagnosis.”
- Nicole S., One to One participant